Which Social Media Is Best For Musicians?

Social networks for artists have become one of the sure channels of promotion in the music industry. The correct and effective use of social networks provides a huge advantage not only for experienced artists, but also for beginners too.

The main factor that forms an opinion about you as a musician or a group is your life in social networks, or rather, just your activity in them. Fans like to add their favorite musicians as friends, this is one of the ways to communicate with idols, a way to get involved with the artist, emphasizing that a particular person likes a certain artist.

The presence of musicians on social networks is not just a delight for the eyes of fans, it is one of the sure sources of acquaintance with new works, your latest news, and most importantly, it is a great way to attract new fans. Today, the participation of artists in social networks is almost mandatory. If you are an independent and not well-known musician, this is your chance to find your fans, for musicians with a wide fan base, this is a way to increase sales. Let’s talk about some of the most effective social networks.

Myspace is the most popular social music network with 200 million listeners. If you wish, your fans will be able to download your tracks directly (or buy), read your Blog and get acquainted with the dates of the next concerts.

Facebook is a network that connects people with their friends. Artists use this social network to bring news to their fans and, of course, to create new music fans. Facebook is the most visited resource on the Internet today, the maximum number of people are registered on this resource, for musicians this means one thing – this is the place where humanity lives on the Internet, and perhaps this is the main way to find fans on the network.

Twitter is a free service that allows you to instantly update the news on your site using your phone or computer, an easy way to bring news to your friends or fans of what you are doing now, your immediate plans. Many artists and bands use Twitter on their websites for quick updates on where they are (on tour), what they’re up to, and so on.

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Flickr is perhaps the most famous free photo sharing service in the world. Post fresh photos from concerts, studios, as an effective way to attract fans.

MOG is a network of music blogs by artists and bands, lots of music and videos. This is where people talk about your music. This network today has nine million tracks, radio stations, mobile downloads.

Indaba Music is a place for musicians to announce a remix competition, or create a remix for another artist. A very popular resource where you can regularly find competitions with good prizes (in the form of releases on albums, compilations, releases on a label and a percentage of sales). is a powerful promotional social network for artists and bands. This network really adds new fans to you in real time. You are creating a message that will be read by thousands. And just choose by styles and specific groups in whose Twitter, Myspace, Facebook your messages will appear. For the fact that you post your messages with other musicians, messages of other musicians will also be posted on your social networks.

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