Which streaming service: Apple Music or Spotify is better?

Apple Music and Spotify are some of the world’s most popular music streaming services. They are the leaders in the music streaming market. Very often music lovers ask themselves which of these services is better?

The volume of the library of music tracks for these two services is almost identical. They have well-known world music hits and national playlists from around the world. The interface of both the first and the second service is functional and intuitive.

However, these services differ significantly from each other. Spotify is available as a free version on an ongoing basis, while Apple Music can only be purchased on a paid subscription basis. If we talk about the paid premium Spotify subscription, then every subscriber can use the free trial version of the application for the first month. Apple Music has a much longer trial duration of three months.

The developers of the Swedish music streaming service Spotify are believed to have created a much more efficient music recommendation algorithm than other competitors. The cost of a paid subscription to Spotify and Apple Music is almost the same.

Apple’s development allows subscribers to create a much larger personal media library than Spotify. It can contain up to 100,000 pieces of music. In the Swedish service, this amount is 10 times less.

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Apple Music can be controlled through iTunes, while Spotify is only in the browser. You can set the Apple Music song as an alarm ringtone. You can’t do that on Spotify.

So, let’s summarize. First, users of all gadgets manufactured by Apple always tend to install Apple Music. This is, if I may say so, the corporate style. Spotify, on the other hand, is more popular with music lovers looking to save money as it is available in a free version.

If a music fan wants an answer to the question of which of these two music streaming services is better, then he can install both. Having used them for some time, he can decide for himself which of the advantages of each service is more important to him.

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