Which Streaming Service Has The Best Recommendations?

The music market is constantly updated with new music streaming services. Some of them are almost unknown and have a regional or even local scale, while others are global and occupy a leading position.

But the competition in the music streaming market is increasing day by day. And this makes music streaming services constantly improve and provide their users with better and better services and innovate. Music recommendations are among the most requested options.

Perhaps the only thing that all streaming services have in common is to give users the opportunity to discover new music that can’t be missed. Tidal, Spotify, Youtube Music and Apple Music do the same, albeit in a slightly different way. Qobuz is perhaps the service that makes finding new music the most difficult.

Apple Music uses Beats Music recommendation technology to find out what the user likes to listen to, what their musical tastes are, so that they always find new suggestions. You can select your favorite artists and genres when you install the app, and then through the “For You” section, it will populate with recommendations that keep changing as you listen to music.

 Apple, to highlight its willingness to be different from the competition, says it’s not enough to use an algorithm to generate these recommendations, and for that reason it also uses real people to curate playlists and select music.

Spotify’s recommendations have less advanced technology but are still excellent, and mostly you have to rely on the Browse section for discovering new music, which has music charts, a list of new releases, and playlists of genres and moods.

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Curation is the foundation of every playlist created on Spotify and Apple Music. The relevant section of Spotify and Apple Music features new albums, new releases and new playlists customized for the user.

Tidal offers an Explore/Discovery section that exposes users to new artists, while Qobuz and Deezer offer advice from experts.

Youtube Music offers so many playlists specially made for discovering new music. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like, where you are, what you do and what mood you are in: the service will help you easily find the right playlist for every moment.

An effective music recommendation algorithm can be independently tested and evaluated objectively. To do this, you should use several music streaming services at once or in turn and choose the one that suits you the most. Because you can’t completely trust advertising, but it’s better to be guided by your own thoughts and feelings from using music streaming.

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