Which streaming service has the biggest library?

Out of all the music streaming services out there today, it’s becoming increasingly hard to choose the one that gives you the most for your money. Additionally, many services create more problems than they’re worth. 

However, the ones that have the biggest library probably are worth exploring: they’ve become successful enough to be able to give you the greatest collection of songs ever, and not only have they survived in this insanely competitive field, but they’re also still leading. 

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Spotify, with its over 70 000 000 songs, confidently leads the industry, as you will find out if you do more background research. It is one of the most popular services around, if not the most popular, depending on which metrics you use, and with 345 000 000 users, nearly half of whom are Premium, it’s hard to argue with the opinion that it’s not only the industry’s first but also the only worthwhile choice. 

Spotify is indeed a terrific option, with some of the best music suggestion mechanisms in the industry, a completely free plan with great quality music, easily upgradeable paid plans that offer tons more advantages for only a handful of dollars…If you’re looking for the best system around, Spotify will no doubt suit your needs on more than one level. 

If you switch over to someone else, we won’t judge. MusConv offers the functionality of transferring tracks between over 50 music services, lush playlist management, and tons of additional features like VIP support for a membership that costs less than $2 a year. Too good to be true? Check us out!

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