Which Streaming Service Is Similar To A Social Network?

Apple Music was a pioneer among streaming music services in the field of social networking, which a few years earlier tried to introduce some social networking features. These features let you share your listened songs and playlists with friends and other music streamers, rate the quality of your music content, and more. As it turned out, this functionality became very popular very quickly among users. In addition, some social media options have been adopted by other music streaming services.

Which Streaming Service Is Similar To A Social Network

Spotify and Youtube Music are limited to the ability to share what you listen to, as well as the ability for users to follow playlists that artists listen to or manage.

Spotify can count on its Connect service, which allows you to play music on many Internet-connected external speakers such as the Sonos player, Samsung Shape Multiroom, and more. Using the application for PC, smartphone and tablet, you can control the playback of songs on the speakers even in the car

Tidal allows you to share songs and albums on your favorite social networks, but at the same time includes, for each artist, where possible, content from each artist’s official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. Qobuz does not have social features.

Since social networks are becoming more and more powerful tool every year, not only in the distribution of advertising and the formation of public opinion, but also in the distribution of music streaming. In addition, the social network has become an integral part of our daily lives.

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The presence of a social network function largely determines the attractiveness of a music streaming service for its potential users. This function is especially relevant for representatives of Generation Z, who simply cannot imagine their life without active communication in social networks. That is why there has been an explosive growth in users on some music streaming services of Chinese and Indian origin. Even music streaming giant Spotify has had a hard time entering the Indian market, in large part because its social media functionality is much less developed than locally produced streaming platforms.

According to music streaming market analysts in 2021, the fastest growing music streaming service that combines quality, service and value is Amazon Music HD: a complete service that offers the highest level of sound quality at the lowest price on the market. market, and then it offers music videos, expertly compiled playlists, offline listening, lyrics synchronized with music.

If you are an active user of social networks and cannot imagine your life without communication in them, then the choice of a music streaming service will largely depend not only on its huge media library or low user fees. In this case, your choice will be influenced by the presence or absence of an effective social networking feature that allows you to actively communicate with your friends and other music fans.

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