Which Streaming Service Pays Artists the Most 2022?

Every artist wants to earn something for their music. Streaming services provide such an option. However, everything depends on the region, volume, and number of tracks, streams, and sales. So, which streaming service pays artists the most in 2022? The answer to this question is simple – you can choose any of them, and if your file is popular and streamed very often, you will get reasonable earnings.

Let’s consider the most popular music services, such as Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, Google, Tidal, Napster, Spotify, TikTok, and YouTube. Try to have a look at their prices. 

Apple Music is not a leader here. The price is $0.007 for each stream. Therefore, it is about $6.77 per one thousand streams, and it does not seem too attractive, doesn it? 

Amazon offers payments to authors in three different options – Regular, Prime, and Unlimited. Regular account provides $0.73 per single sold, Prime can bring you $1.39 per every one thousand streams, and Unlimited account offers 0.0109580 per stream. All in all, you will not make a fortune here. Or you can transfer your music from Amazon to YouTube and earn more. 

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Google has the same approach as Amazon does. The payment differs according to the type of account. There are two of them – Google Play and Google Play All Access. The former offers $0.73 per single, while the latter can bring you approximately $1.11 per 500 streams.

Spotify, in its turn, offers $1.15 per 500 streams. That’s why users and artists are not satisfied with the company’s pricing policy, though this streaming service remains the most popular one.

YouTube also has two payment variants – for YouTube ordinary and YouTube Red. They seem to be at the top paying sites with pretty fair pricing of about $3.24 per one thousand views. YouTube Red pays even better – around 1 dollar per one hundred streams. So, it can be quite profitable for artists.

There are also some other streaming services where you can earn some money as an author. Tidal is one of them, associated with the best quality of music reproduction. Their ambition is to pay their authors best. Nowadays, it is $1.37 per 200 streams. 

You can also consider Napster. It is not a pirate streaming service anymore. It is completely legitimate with about $1 payments for every 125 streams. 

No list can be complete without mentioning TikTok. These days, it has risen to popularity. It can pay an artist for every use of their track, which comprises $0.0009714 per one thousand streams. It is not too much, but, when you consider the extreme number of users on this service, you can earn enough.

Therefore, you can decide for yourself where to place your own music and earn money. There is not one option that can be recommended. To be sure, check your location and the benefits you can get from the streaming services that are the most popular in it.

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