Which Streaming Service Pays Artists The Most – 2022?

In just a few months, ZoOme’s new streaming platform is gaining ground in the art market with a monetization model that gives content producers more autonomy.

In the app, artists can upload different content formats and still decide when and how much to charge for each one, without complications or doubts about how much they will earn. They can still choose their advertisers and directly negotiate the price they charge per ad, with no monetization cap.

This new model from ZoOme goes against an issue that has been in vogue for years and has raised a number of doubts in the streaming market since its inception and has even generated international protests.

In this scenario, the streaming platform ZoOme offers some solutions to professionals in the field, such as a more profitable monetization model for musicians from different audiences and segments.

The comparison refers to the payment format adopted by the big players who spend cents per view. Spotify, for example, is giving artists around $0.00348 per stream – from premium listeners only. That is, for a musician to have a reasonable financial return, millions of views will be needed. In the case of small and medium-sized musicians, monetization becomes almost impossible, since the works practically do not reach this audience.

Which Streaming Service Pays Artists The Most – 2022

In addition to content monetization, the application also changes the format of advertising on channels. Content producers have the right to negotiate directly with brands, determining what makes the most sense for their segment and, of course, what will be the investment value of advertisers.

At ZoOme, a producer earns between 30% and 50% of the revenue from the ads displayed on his channel, and still retains autonomy in the choice of advertisers and in the price charged per ad, with no monetization cap.

In its payment policy, the service is certainly one of the most honest with the artist’s work, as it has a “decent” channel monetization model, allowing you to earn rewards up to 50 times higher than those offered by other streaming applications. The product then decides whether to pay and how much to charge, delivering revenue directly to the performer. For users, the policy is no different either, as the listener only pays for what they use, with the ability to choose which artists they value and support.

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It’s worth noting that the revenue from these reproductions is only generated from the games of premium users who pay to use ZoOme. It is impossible to give an exact figure of how much this or that artist will receive for one stream in this case, since payment depends on many factors.

But the artists who make money on this music streaming service note that the pay is indeed ten times higher than on the leading music streaming service Spotify.

But a significant disadvantage of this platform as a source of income can be considered its relatively low prevalence in the world and a small number of users. It is these factors that often completely offset the benefits for artists from the high prices of this relatively new music streaming service.

But with the growth in the number of users in the world and the popularity of the platform itself, the benefits for artists from working with it only increase.

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