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Who can I send my music to?

There are no persons without talents. Some of them can dance, others can play the piano, guitar, etc. And, there is a special category of creative persons – musicians who write and sing various songs.

Who can I send my music to

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Actually, some talented singers often hide their skills because they couldn’t think that their hobby could bring them not only pleasure.  However, their fears are in vain, because singer skills and lucky chances could allow earning good money.

Dancers can take part in different competitions or dance at concerts. Pianists can fix popular evenings of classical music. And what about songwriters and musicians? How can they earn money?

It is not so easy to find a perfect place to represent songs for novice artists. At the beginning of the career, every musician asks himself: “Who can I send my music to?”

Some years ago, it was the only way to promote new songs. Musicians could send their compositions to producers directly and wait for their reaction.

Fortunately, times have changed, and now novice artists have a wide range of places where they can submit their music to:

  • Blogs;
  • Playlists submission forms;
  • Playlist curators;
  • Labels;
  • Submit platforms like SubmitHub and Groover;
  • Artist intelligence agency;
  • YouTube channels;
  • Music libraries like Pond5, Artlist, Musicbed, Music Vine, Marmoset;
  • Podcasts and radio shows.

It doesn’t matter what platform an artist will choose because the main idea of all these services is to increase the popularity of their songs and make them famous.

In addition, every musician can try to promote his songs by uploading them to streaming services. However, sometimes it can be really time-consuming to create playlists and upload songs on each platform.

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Nevertheless, we know how to solve this problem. The MusConv application is a simple and reliable solution to save all the stored music content. It’s a useful and easy service that helps people transfer playlists, tracks, albums, and other music content from one place to another. With access to more than 50 services, it can save musicians time, which they can spend on creating new songs.