Who Created And Owns TIDAL?

Music streaming service TIDAL is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world of music. There are many reasons for its popularity. This is the maximum functionality, and a huge media library, and the highest sound quality with almost no loss. An important factor is the fact that this music streaming service is owned by a group of artists who are sensitive to all the latest music trends.

TIDAL appeared on the global music market back in 2015. This streaming music service immediately declared that it claims to have an exclusive role in the music industry. But this requires an exclusive offer, which was provided by the creators of this streaming platform. The music streaming service is owned by world famous artists such as the American rapper Jay-Z. A feature of the new streaming platform was high-quality sound, which made it possible to play music almost without loss.

 Who Created And Owns TIDAL

From the very beginning, the service has been aimed at conscious listeners who need high-quality sound. The presence of musicians as brand ambassadors was supposed to indicate the exclusivity of the service. These are not just marketing ploys devoid of deeper content. It should be very clear that TIDAL offers the highest signal quality of any streaming application available on the market.

We have two subscription versions to choose from: TIDAL Premium and TIDAL HiFi. The former offers the same bit rate as Spotify at 320 kbps, but the latter offers much more options. The signal is based on lossless FLAC format at 16bit/44.1kHz.

So, we are dealing with a signal at the level of a CD, which for years was considered a reference. However, TIDAL goes even further. In the HiFi subscription, some recordings have become available in the modern MQA format. Then we get a signal verified by the artists, identical to the studio recordings. By converting it to numbers, we are dealing with a signal of usually 24 bit/96 kHz quality.

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It is worth adding here that new smartphones – such as iPhone or iPad with iOS 11 or later, and devices with Android 5 or later – have on-board digital-to-analog converters that allow you to reproduce the signal offered by TIDAL HiFi. But users must be prepared for the fact that high quality costs money. Both package versions are available in three subscription versions.

In addition to effective sound solutions, Jaya-Z, like Spotify, offers a variety of attractive, regularly updated playlists. The site also features a large number of videos. A big benefit of working closely with artists is access to exclusive content such as special live performances, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

Fans of novelties will be interested in the TIDAL Rising series, which publishes new recordings by young musicians. The website also features a large number of podcasts, but unlike Spotify, these are full-fledged programs and not the popular titles also known from other media.

TIDAL is also available as built-in software on many audio devices.

A significant disadvantage of this music streaming service is the lack of a free version on an ongoing basis.

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