Who Created Resso?

ByteDance is a Chinese company that has developed many successful applications. It was this company that was named the most successful startup in the world in 2021. It is estimated to be worth $140 billion today.

ByteDance is a company that has the success of the social media platform TikTok in its arsenal. You can try the Resso app for free or subscribe to access, for example, the ability to listen to music offline. The application will help expand your musical horizons. Every day, the application submits new performers, the songs of this performer can be listened to for free (no ads and in the full version). In addition to biographies and discography, photos and videos are available.

ByteDance, a Chinese holding company, was founded by a Chinese programmer and now a multibillionaire Zhang Yiming in 2012. The main office of this holding is located in the capital of the PRC. But the official place of registration of the company is the Cayman Islands. Thus, taxation is optimized. Today the holding is considered one of the five leading Internet corporations in China. In addition, he was voted one of the top three startups in the world in 2021.

Who Created Resso

The company’s history is not easy, today it owns not only the world’s most popular video platform for social networks TikTok, but also many other platforms, including Resso. I would like to note right away that the company has become the subject of repeated litigation both in China itself and abroad, in particular, in the United States.

Under the conditions of communist China, platforms are controlled by state censorship. In particular, members of the Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China act as censors of ByteDance.

Zhang Yiming, the founder of the holding, began his career as a programmer, but soon became the head of a large team of programmers in a private company. And after a few years he opened his own Internet company. Zhang Yiming himself had previously graduated from Nankai University in Tianjin.

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Today the capitalization of ByteDance has long exceeded the most optimistic expectations of its founder. The holding owns several dozen platforms, including several news portals and news aggregators. The company has a joint project with the Chinese state-owned publishing group Dongfang Newspaper Company (Shanghai).

With a daily audience of more than two billion people, the company has not only a major economic impact on life in China, but also an important political lever.

Among the negative information background surrounding ByteDance, the blocking of its pilot TikTok project in the United States and India stands out. The governments of these countries argue that the application poses a threat to national security, as it secretly collects personal data from users.

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