Who Dropped New Music 2022?

Artists are constantly releasing new tracks and albums. And sometimes it can be very difficult for music lovers to keep up with the latest in the music world. Therefore, we will talk about some of the new music that appeared in 2022.

  • Placebo Never Let Me Go. The legends of alternative music were silent for almost ten years – and the success of their touring activities did not even give reason to hope for a new album, not to mention that it would be good. Nevertheless, “Never Let Me Go”, judging by the first singles, will melt the heart of even an avid fan of the first Placebo albums, who denies the band’s later work. “Beautiful James” is reminiscent of the first Placebo albums with its keyboards, “Surrounded by Spies”, inspired by the writing technique of William Burroughs, catches up with the necessary suspense, and “Try Better Next Time”, although it seems the weakest of the three, still stands out thanks to some text twists. Perhaps this request to never let go, addressed, perhaps, to their fans, can be fulfilled without any discounts and long-standing feelings.

In fact, each new album is a discovery for the world of music and millions of music fans.

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  • Destroyer “Labyrinthitis”. Dan Bejart, the only permanent member of Destroyer, shows how united the Canadian indie scene is in words and deeds – in addition to being one of the members of the supergroup The New Pornographers, he also created the Swan Lake group with Wolf Parade’s Spencer Krug. Everyone plays with everyone – and in Destroyer, both the composition and the music are constantly changing. However, Bejart’s previous album, “Have We Met”, was not much different from the previous ones: it was relaxed synth-pop with light experiments and sarcastic lyrics – but the new one, “Labyrinthitis”, so far looks like a one hundred and eighty-degree turn. In the first single, “Tintoretto, It’s for You”, Béjart combines his old songs with more intense keyboards and bass – it turns out quite unexpectedly and not at all boring.
  • Father John Misty “Chloе and the Next 20th Century”. Josh Tillman, who records under the pseudonym Father John Misty, recorded serious folk in the 2000s – but after playing drums in the no less serious folk band Fleet Foxes, he began to record music much more ironic. At some point, the irony eclipsed the actual music—Tillman’s Pure Comedy album felt more like an audiobook full of pop culture references. The next album, “God’s Favorite Customer”, tried to fix this – but the most encouraging thing is to hear “Funny Girl”, the first single from Tillman’s forthcoming album. These are still not the most serious lyrics, but the emphasis here is still on music reminiscent of pop music of the fifties – most likely, the entire album was recorded in a similar vein.
  • Jack White “Fear of the Dawn”. The previous album of one of the main rock musicians of our time, “Boarding House Reach”, was released four years ago – so White decided not to waste time on trifles and release two at once. The first singles, “Taking Me Back” and “Love Is Selfish”, show that the records will be quite different: “Fear of the Dawn” will be stadium rock, large-scale and impressive, while “Entering Heaven Alive”, on the contrary, will be a quiet acoustic recording, which is played as if in the next room. Cleaned-up music against the feeling of a chamber studio live – every White fan will definitely find something suitable for himself on one of these two albums. Out of the blue: the only guest on both albums will be Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest appearing on “Fear of the Dawn”.

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