Who Has The Best Female Voice?

 The world of music is rich, and each song evokes unique emotions. From many voices, goosebumps just run through the body. These are the exceptions to the rules that have always been and will be.

You may ask why this is so. Today, almost anyone can open the Internet and learn a few relatively simple processes to join the music industry. That is why we are witnessing a huge number of mediocrities who are trying to climb the musical Olympus, pushing each other with their elbows. And this is very bad, such a trend eliminates the value of real talent, given by nature from birth. But music streaming services like Spotify often publish their own research on the best voices in music history.

A beautiful female voice can be compared to a real diamond, which can be searched for a long time among many fakes. There are many glass pieces, and the diamond itself is unique.

It seems that speaking is very simple, but in fact, the emergence of a voice is a very complex system. Sound occurs when the muscles of the larynx tense and relax, the tone changes depending on the amount of air in the lungs, sound waves are controlled by rays.

It is this French performer who is considered the owner of the most powerful and beautiful voice in the history of modern music. At least that’s what music experts say. This is another case from the history of music, already forgotten, but at the same time it became a classic of its time. This French performer, whose perky voice sounded from every gramophone and record player, not only in France, but throughout Europe and North America, had a unique voice of five octaves. Of course, there were singers after her with the same range, but she was the first and most famous.

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The diminutive woman known as the “Paris Sparrow”, gifted with an extremely distinctive, slightly rough and at the same time intriguing voice, is Edith Giovanna Gassion, known as Edith Piaf (Piaf’s nickname means “sparrow”). The biography of the artist is still in doubt, a lot of information is contradictory, and this is mainly due to Piaf herself, who loved to distort the facts about her life. Regardless, we know that while she has had great success on stage, she has struggled with numerous challenges in her personal life.

She spent her youth on the streets of Paris, brought up among others by my grandmother, who ran a brothel. Her adventure with singing began with street performances – thanks to them, at the age of 20, she was noticed by Louis Leple, who invited Piaf to sing in his cabaret “Le Gerny’s”. Later, the artist also performed in the United States, having achieved considerable success there. The Frenchwoman often fell in love – her songs are primarily about love – full of failures and troubles. Among the works on this topic, it is worth noting, for example, “Life in Rose” in 1945, which immediately after the premiere became a big hit. Two years later, the single from this record sold over a million copies in the US. The play entered Piaf’s flagship repertoire.

The singing range is limited to 8 octaves and most artists only talk about 2 of them. But there are people with unique data who are capable of much more. This process, which became known immediately, was especially accelerated with the growth of the Internet. Videos with their participation are gaining the maximum number of views, and people do not get tired of watching such videos again. The statistics are relentless, but every music lover, of course, has his own favorite singer, whose voice seems to be the most beautiful and pleasant.

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