Who Has The Most Beautiful Male Voice?

You can talk about what is the best voice in the world almost endlessly. There are different evaluation criteria that can be applied to different voices of the most famous artists.

Probably, there is no such thing as the best voice in the world, at least it is impossible to choose it based on the difference in taste criteria. There are unrecognized talents and undiscovered treasures yet to showcase creativity, and of course there is the classic legacy to listen to forever.

Recognized as one of the greatest opera singers of the 20th century – Luciano Pavarotti – he knew how to conquer the crowds with his voice. The Italian, born in 1935 in Modena, most likely inherited his talent and love for opera music from his father, a singer. The singer was gifted with a strong voice with a wide range.

He made his debut at the age of 26 as Rudolf in Puccini’s La bohème. In subsequent years, Pavarotti performed, among other things, in London’s Covent Garden, the New York Metropolitan Opera or the famous Italian La Scala. For many years he gave concerts in the most famous opera houses of the world, and in 1990 he began in Rome with Placido Domingo and José Carreras the Three Tenors concerts. This collaborative work within the trio, namely the jointly recorded album with a recording of a performance in Los Angeles, ensured Pavarotti entry into the Guinness Book of Records as the creator of the best-selling LP of classical music. However, it was Pavarotti’s unique voice – the lyrical tenor – that made us remember and remember this outstanding artist.

So far, no one has managed to reach the level of Pavarotti in singing. This opera singer is unique, his name has become a symbol of real talent and a real person who left the brightest mark in the world of musical art.

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The second place in the ranking of the most successful musicians according to the Apple Music music streaming service is occupied by Elton John, who was awarded the title of nobility by Queen Elizabeth II in 1998. And these are just some of the accomplishments of the London-born and gifted Sir Elton John. Few people know that the artist was born Reginald Kenneth Dwight, and he took his current name and surname in honor of the musicians: Elton Dean and Long John Baldry, with whom he formed his first band, Bluesology. Known for his extravagant style and his accompanying sunglasses (of which he has about 250 pairs), the Briton is the creator of hits such as “I’m Still Standing” or “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, as many as 31 studio albums and the owner of a huge number of awards. The British consider him their national pride and are very happy that such a celebrity lives and works in their country.

The ability to sing cleanly is rare. A sense of rhythm and an ear for music are important, thanks to which the singer does not falsify. However, correctness is not enough. We expect the artist to charm and delight us with his voice. Anyone can sing, a little better or a little worse. It is a fact. However, there are artists who have reached the level of virtuosity, and their unique voices are forever inscribed in the pages of musical history.

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