Who Is 2nd In The World On Spotify 2022?

Every music lover knows that the rankings of the Swedish music streaming service Spotify are a real reflection of the position in the music market worldwide. This is not surprising, because it is the Swedish green giant that owns at least 40% of the global industry. It is he who sets the tone and direction for the development of musicians, it is he who certainly leads among other music streaming services, far ahead of them.

The service regularly publishes ratings of artists and the most popular tracks. The TOP includes exactly those compositions that have received the largest number of streams on this site over a certain period of time. The rankings are updated weekly, keeping music lovers who use Spotify up to date with the latest music news.

The number of monthly listeners that an artist maintains on Spotify is a key indicator of where they rank in the rankings of the most popular artists in the world.

Harry Styles’ “As It Was” became the most streamed song of 2022 on global Spotify, taking the top spot of the world charts for almost a single day.

But, if everything is clear with the leader of sympathies, then who ended up in second place? It turns out that the second place is occupied by Canadian singer Justin Bieber. On the streaming service, it has 79.5 million monthly listeners, which is a huge number in itself.

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The popularity of Justin Bieber’s latest studio album titled Justice continues to grow despite the fact that the album itself was released almost a year ago.

But Spotify’s ratings, like those of other popular music streaming services, are updated regularly. Therefore, the leaders in them can be different, as well as the artists who are in second place in terms of the number of streams. There will be nothing surprising in the fact that music lovers will be able to see completely different names of artists and other songs in the leading positions tomorrow.

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