Who is a music curator and how to submit a playlist?

Playlists for each genre of music introduce listeners to new artists, their number is measured literally by billions of songs, and this trend is unlikely to change in the near future.

The tasks of musical curators are to keep everything under control. They make playlists and give musical recommendations, they are largely engaged in the promotion of songs.

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Streaming has already become mainstream – and now curators who previously acted as ordinary DJs have become very important, it is their content that is in most demand. Curators are rarely thanked for the work done, and they usually remain in the shadows. For example, the Swedish music streaming service Spotify claims that half of the more than 350 million users around the world listen to playlists in which live people act as curators, and not soulless algorithms. In total, this amounts to more than three billion strips of music per week. Every day, every 15th run of music in streaming services falls on such live playlists. And this number, according to representatives of companies and music experts, will constantly grow in the future.

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That is why services need curators – they «humanize» the relationship of listeners with music services and applications, constantly adjusting the search course, types and genres of tracks. Curators may not have a technical education, they are not programmers or graduates of business schools, but they are impeccably guided in the ocean of music, representing a reliable rear for the impeccable operation of music streaming services.

The work of curators and their value for innovative companies lies in the ability to recognize trends, determine the main directions of forming consumer tastes and identities. However, this work will not be called easy and pleasant.

Traditional promotion tools continue to increase functionality, so they are definitely worth studying. Getting into the selection is important not only in itself: subscribers will see the release on the daily playlist. Just at this moment, a competently designed profile will be useful – people will not only listen to you, but also sign up for the performer’s page. Further, actions will go along the chain: more subscribers, more listeners, a higher rating and, accordingly, can go more and royalty payments.

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