Who is a trillionaire?

How does one become a trillionaire? Have any plans? Well, it’s gonna take a while, so if you’ve plans of reaching the $Trln mark this afternoon starting with $100, some kind of adjustment is required. In fact, it’s taking so long no one’s ever done it (we think). If they did, they’re smart enough never to have told anyone about it. 

None of the singers we know of have made it that far, with the richest singer so far boasting around $850 000 000 in capital. For articles on the richest and the poorest artists in the world of music, guides on how to transfer your music to and from the likes of Spotify, Google and Amazon Music, Tidal, and so on, and just plain fun facts, MusConv is always here for you with the latest and greatest from the wild and wonderful world of show business. 

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So who’s a trillionaire these days? Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder, and CEO, probably has one or two things to say on the subject with his current net worth of $144 billion as of 2020. He’s predicted to become a trillionaire in 6 years, and he’ll be reasonably happy at that point, although you’re probably wondering not only whether it’s possible to spend that much money in 3 lifetimes – but…just…how? 

Anyway, there is currently no-one owning one million million dollars (which is a number pretty much impossible to imagine for the human brain, let alone store and manage in a bank), but according to reports, there are 46.8 million millionaires, all of whom are highly like fostering high hopes for the champion title. 

Jeff Bezos, so far, however, looks to be the most promising candidate. Do you think he’ll be the one? Could it be Tony Robbins or some guy who’s smart enough never to declare their financial statements to the press? Come to think of it, having a trillion would be a pretty dumb thing to reveal to the world. Anyway, if you want more information or have Jack Ma in mind, you can check out this link for expert prognosis, and MusConv will always be here for you with the latest news, guides, and updates from the wild and wonderful world of music. Ta! 

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