Who Is Beatport DJ For?

Because DJs love listening to tracks in context and trying out transitions between mixes, Beatport Link offers Beatport DJ, a browser-based DJ software. This is practical if you don’t have a DJ computer or the appropriate hardware or software.

To use the DJ web app, you need Google Chrome. After logging in with your Beatport user details, you have direct access to the playlists created in Beatport Link. Created playlists can be completed in the web application, where the search function allows you to find artists, titles, labels or playlists. Beatport DJ has an amazing feature set and offers two decks, a two-channel mixer, including three-band EQs and filters.

There are also HotCues, loop functions, and even ten effects with XY control. Tracks can be synchronized manually or automatically, and full screen mode is also available. Beatport DJ can be combined with sound cards and controlled using a mouse, computer keyboard and MIDI controllers. Select controllers from Denon DJ, Pioneer DJ, Hercules, Numark and Native Instruments are directly supported. You can also create your own cartography very quickly. The web app is intuitive and allows you to quickly mix tracks.

The Beatport Link app for iOS is designed to find tracks while traveling and is designed for smartphone displays. Playlists created by yourself can be edited and new ones can be created.

If you click on the “Open” button, the tracks can be found using the search function. Here you can search for artists, labels, charts and tracks. In-app search is also pretty fast with a mobile data connection, although good internet traffic is of course a prerequisite here.

Beatport Link can be used in conjunction with the DJ software Serato DJ, Rekordbox, Traktor Pro, Djay, Djuced, VirtualDJ and WeDJ. To be able to use Beatport Link, go to the Traktor preferences window and select the Streaming menu option. Behind the “Beatport Link” entry is an activation switch that opens a browser window.

Once you have entered your Beatport login details, the process is complete and a Beatport Link entry appears in the Traktor Song Browser. Pre-made playlists cannot be modified, but you can copy tracks from these collections to your own playlists.

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Offline Locker offers enough storage space for 1,000 songs in a Pro subscription, which can also be used when the computer is not connected to the Internet. If you want to use complete Beatport-Link playlists in Traktor Pro offline, transfer them to your own track collection and then copy all the tracks from that list to the offline locker using Select All.

Another big advantage of Beatport Link is the parallel availability of this service on different platforms. With a valid subscription, you can, for example, switch from Traktor Pro to Serato Pro, VirtualDJ or Engine Prime hardware. Beatport Link playlists can be used on a computer, iPad, or DJ equipment.

To make the system change as smooth as possible, playlists created in DJ or music software such as iTunes can be converted to Beatport Link playlists.

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