Who is Charlie Puth's girlfriend now?

Keeping track of celebrities’ love lives is a challenge. If you want to know what’s going on with their relationships, where they’re getting married, who they’re breaking up with, and all the other juicy details in between – you have to be ready for anything. And we mean anything! There are many discoveries to be made.

First, it’s a lot of fun to see how people who seem so perfect are actually just as imperfect as the rest of us. Second, you never know when there will be an unexpected twist in the story or one person may drop out and make room for someone new. And third, keeping up with celebrity romances can teach you some lessons about your own relationships – such as how to have healthy boundaries and when it’s time to start working harder. But who’s the best to learn from?

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Charlie Puth admitted to dating Charlotte Lawrence in 2019, but that relationship is over now. Who’s next? Will we know or will his new relationship remain under wraps? The best way to find out is to start digging, and here’s where you start.

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