Who Is DaBaby Signed To?

Rapper DaBaby’s real name is Jonathan Lindale Kirk. The future popular rapper was born in Cleveland on December 22, 1991. Together with his parents and two older brothers, he moved to the city of Charlotte, located in North Carolina. In 2010, he completed the full course of high school. Then he entered the University of North Carolina. But he studied there for only two years, subsequently shocking his parents by admitting that he attended school only for their sake, and considers education in general to be an absolutely useless thing.

Jonathan spent his childhood in a dangerous area of ​​​​his city, he often talked with criminals. He himself repeatedly broke the law, was engaged in drug trafficking and was caught by the police while driving a car with a driver’s license that had long expired.

At 28, the young man was involved in a big brawl in a supermarket. He had a firearm at that moment, and one man died as a result of the fight. But Jonathan did not go to prison, he was acquitted, although it was difficult.

The guy from his youth preferred the rap genre. Jonathan’s musical taste was formed on the basis of the work of artists such as Eminem. He began to study music closely in 2014, and the following year he released his first hit.

Who Is DaBaby Signed To

Since 2015, the young rapper has been actively pursuing his creative career. He invests the money he has collected earlier in his portfolio, buys serious equipment and begins to record his songs at a professional level. This helped – local radio stations put the songs on the air, Kirk began to perform as opening acts and in shopping centers, discos and clubs.

The signed contract with the famous music promoter Arnold Taylor allowed the artist to stand firmly on his feet. The head of the South Coast Music Group label noticed the rapper at performances in North Carolina. This collaboration turned out to be very successful, it gave the rapper the opportunity to showcase his creative achievements to the general public. The next step was the signing of a contract with the recording studio Jay-Z Interscope, which subsequently guaranteed the artist the distribution of his songs.

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Frequent conflicts are another trait of the rapper, generating intriguing news headlines that grab attention right away. when he has to shoot. He is noted for frequent fights with his fans who tried to take away his rapper chains.

A few years ago, DaBaby immediately opened fire with a pistol when five robbers broke into his house. Moreover, it happened during sleep. The rapper immediately woke up and reacted with multiple shots at the robbers. He also accidentally shot one young man, but the court sentenced him to two years’ probation.

Now he is not only the head of his own label, Billion Dollar Baby, but also a major star not only in America, but also in the world. He also has a contract with American label giants Roc Nation and Interscope.

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