Who is releasing albums in 2023?

The year 2023 began recently. But in spite of that, in different interviews, you can already find information about a lot of new releases from world-famous artists. Apart from song releases, this year will be rich with new albums, which will definitely be on the Best Albums 2023 list.

Who is releasing albums in 2023?

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If you do not want to scour the internet in search of news you can read our actual summary. So, who is releasing albums in 2023?

  1. Jennifer Lopez and her album “This is Me… Now”

For nine years, the queen of disco and Latina did not please her fans with new hits. However, her love story with Ben Affleck, which finally led to their marriage, has inspired the artist. The album, according to Lopez, is about hope, faith, and true love that never dies. Along with traditional dance rhythms, the track list will include ballads.

2. Lana Del Rey. Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd.

This is the ninth album of the artist’s discography. The singer calls it a diary because each song is based on a real story from her personal life. Del Rey told only one of them in her first single so far. Fans are awaiting the album’s release in March 2023.

3. P!nk. The album is titled “TRUST FALL”.

The Grammy Award winner has not released a full-length album for four years. And now she promises to make the whole world dance with her rock-pop hits again. What the album will look like is alluded to by the track Never Gonna Not Dance Again. But P!nk is a pretty unconventional artist, so, it is possible to expect anything.

4. Ed Sheeran.

British artist Sheeran didn’t delight fans with a full-length album for a long time. But, not so long ago, information leaked to the press that the singer is preparing something interesting. Fans are waiting for his lyrics forever.

5. Depeche Mode. Memento Mori.

After Andy Fletcher passed away, the band decided to release an album to honor their friend. The release would be the first one in six years. But, judging by Ghosts Again, the legends’ style and energy are still there.

6. Metallica with their new album “72 Seasons”.

The musicians decided to return to thrash metal. The guys have started working with a producer Greg Fidelman and they are hard at work in the studio. If we take the single Lux Æterna as a criterion for evaluating the future album, it is a decent one. Most likely, the six-year pause has not affected the fury of the American metallers.

7. A$AP Rocky. Don’t Be Dumb.

For a long time, the rapper has been promising fans a new album. And finally, this year’s album, titled Don’t Be Dumb, is released. It is the fourth full-length album that is expected to have many beats from Metro Boomin.

8. Travis Scott. Utopia

The singer has hardly performed or released any new compositions since 2021. The reason was his long-term depression. However, this year, the singer is about to release a new album, which has been planned since 2019. The artist has added psychedelic rock to it. Apart from that, there will be a lot of new interesting feats.

9. Godsmack. Lighting Up the Sky.

The rockers’ eighth and, it seems, the last album is coming out after a very long break. The band has been waiting for inspiration for almost 5 years. Whether fans will like their album, we will know soon.

10. Ville Valo. Neon Noir.

The H.I.M. frontman releases his debut album. The artist radically avoids the musical canons, to which his group has adhered for 25 years. Now fans can hear what the singer prepared for them.

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