Who Is The #1 Artist On Spotify In 2022?

The rating of the Swedish music streaming service Spotify largely determines the trends in modern music. It accounts for almost every second music stream that takes place in the world. And this is not surprising, since Spotify owns 44% of the entire global music market and can state that it had more than 400 million users worldwide at the end of 2021. And Spotify works officially in almost 200 countries.

The biggest worldwide hit on Spotify belongs to American singer Olivia Rodrigo. They became the song “Driver’s License”, which she wrote when she was only 17 years old.

Spotify has unveiled its annual Wrapped Review, which shows users around the world what music and podcasts they’ve been listening to over the past year. Justin Bieber took over in 2021 and is the most streamed artist of the year.

Spotify figures show that in 2021, music lovers preferred to listen to famous artist Justin Bieber. In 2021, he released his new album “Justice”, which immediately became mega-popular all over the world.

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Who is the number 1 artist on Spotify 2022? Shape of You – Ed Sheeran (3.053 million plays) It is clear that Ed Sheeran is one of the most popular performers in the world. It may only be on Spotify’s list of most streamed songs once, but it has been in the top 20 four times in a row on this music streaming service.

What is the most played song on Spotify? Despacito, the summer hit of 2017, has officially become the most streamed song of all time on the Swedish streaming platform. By the way, the video clip of this song has become the most viewed not only on Spotify, but also on several other streaming platforms, including YouTube.

How can we see our most streamed songs on this site? Spotify shows you the top 5 most popular artists, songs and podcasts. In your Wrapped, you’ll also see how many minutes you’ve listened to music overall over the past year and what genre you’ve listened to the most.

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