Who is the #1 artist on Spotify?

Being a well-known musician is not something most artists take for granted. The aim of releasing a song in the first place is so that people can listen to it. Every artist’s goal and dream is for their song to reach the end of the world and spread their message. It is definitely a relief and a reason to celebrate when an artist’s song is streamed or mentioned as a hit in various social media platforms.

In this article, we will explore Spotify and reveal to you who the number one artist on Spotify was in 2020. Spotify is a well-known digital music provider. Well, if you are wondering why Spotify, it is because it is the library of over 40 million songs and vast playlists that are created by Spotify’s system and the large number of mobile app users. Spotify allows you to play and listen to these millions of songs or record labels for free whether you are using a smartphone, laptop or any other devices.

Every December, Spotify announces the years most streamed artist and this December, Spotify announced that Bad Bunny is the number one artist in the platform with over 8.3 billion streams around the globe. The Puerto Rican rapper released an album in late February 2020 called YHLQMDLG which means yo hago lo que me da la gana, and translates to “I do whatever I want”. This album has also earned the most number of  streams on Spotify. This album featured collaborations with Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee and Sech. The album has over 3.3 billion streams around the globe.

Bad Bunny a 26-year-old Puerto Rican, also known as Benito Ocasio has never had his solo single or album in the UK top 100 but turned out to be 2020’s most popular artist all around the world. Back in 2018, he was featured on one UK top 10 hit but it did not last more than a minute. He recently released an album called El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo which translated to “the last tour of the world” whose lead single song called Dakiti is the most played single globally. Well, Bad Bunny is known to be a creative artist who knows how to build hype around new tracks and as his manager, Noah Assad describes him, he has “an astronomical IQ for music.”

Noah says that Bad Bunny always see things in music that Even Noah himself does not understand. He says Bad Bunny sees something six months or even a year before anyone else does. Music editor of UK magazine, Latino Life says that Bad bunny is a very good writer with fantastic punchlines. He says that Bad Bunny can be quite deep at times but also the person you want to listen to in the middle of the night club when you want to get down and dirty.

“Dakiti” is Bad Bunny’s new track which has has had fans and people globally overwhelmed becauseno one quite knows what it means. Google however differs from all these inventions of what the word means. According to google, Dakiti is the name of a beach and a bar that was once famous called Old San Huan, both in Puerto Rico. Some said Dakiti means empowerment and a fighter and another said it is a sensation of euphoria but either way, the track remained eagerly awaited by his fans globally and became and still is a hit as it earns over 7 million plays every day.

However, this is not to say Bad Bunny has never won any awards. He has earlier on earned himself two nominations for the Grammy Awards and has also walked away with two American Music Awards. He was also the lucky winner of a Latin Grammy for being voted as the best Reggaeton Performance. In 2019, Bad Bunny came fifth in Spotify’s list of top artists as revealed by Jeremy Erlich, Spotify’s co-head of music.

Jeremy Elrich was also the one who broke the news of being the number one artist on Spotify to him on the platform. These were Bad Bunny’s words; “Thank you, I don’t know what to say. I do music because it’s my passion, so I’m so happy right now. I’m so grateful and proud right now. Drake took second place, J Balvin third, Juice WRLD fourth and The Weekend was ranked fifth. Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa and Halsey were the most streamed female artists on Spotify.

Even for those who don’t understand Bad Bunny’s superb Spanish lyrics, the sound of his voice and the beats are captivating and appealing and his new album El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo depicts this. The album utilizes his two main styles, rolling syncopation of reggaeton and asymmetric snap of Latin trap alongside alt-rock and ska-punk.

Bad Bunny is a man who has great taste when it comes to fashion. His colorful style is inspired by earlier generations of Latin pop stars (male). His style features peacock patterns and romantic images which has influenced most of his Latin peers as they also share Bad Bunny’s elegant and colorful mix of streetwear and Latin tailoring.

Bad Bunny has also spoken against transphobia and homophobia. In February 2020, Bad Bunny was performing on a US TV wearing a T-shirt that condemned murder of a transgender woman who was a Puerto Rican. This shows the kind of guy Bad Bunny is. He does not only care about his music but also people, especially those who are close to him.

All thanks to Spotify, analytics can be viewed and listening habits of people globally analyzed in a single chart. With growing numbers of listeners everyday on Spotify, artists like Bad Bunny can be appreciated and their efforts crowned. Bad Bunny’s largest market, Latin America, is also becoming more influential globally giving Spanish artists like Bad Bunny a chance to reach their fans in other countries like Colombia and Argentina.

There is also a vast population living in the US which significantly contributed to his two nomination for the Grammy awards.  This played a big role in Bad Bunny dominating the global chart on Spotify. Spotify, being a well-known digital music provider gives fan and artists a platform where they can help each other grow.

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