Who Is The A&R Of A Record Company?

Record companies, radio and TV producers keep a close eye on the latest trends in the music industry. A&R stands for Artist and Repertoire. Thus, the A&R manager is responsible for the artist and their record company career as well as their repertoire, i.e. finding songs and producers, handling production and choosing titles.

Although the terms “record company” or “label” are central to the world of music, many musicians don’t even know what a record company actually does. In short, the record company buys and sells music. Unlike a publisher, which deals with the rights to compositions and lyrics, a record company is primarily concerned with buying and selling sound recordings. In a small independent label, these tasks are sometimes carried out and completed by one person, in a large company there are different employees or departments that specialize in certain areas of responsibility.

An A&R is a person who listens to demos that are submitted, establishes or maintains contact with artists and, in particular, knows or acknowledges musical currents and trends. Therefore, A&R is especially close to the artist.

Although these managers have a significant influence on the selection of new artists, such a decision in the music industry is not made alone. Each interesting topic is discussed in the committees of the record company and a plan is drawn up on how to “break through” the artist in the market, that is, how to announce him to a wide audience.

If you are an aspiring artist, then in this case your own preferences should fade into the background. It’s not about developing your own taste in music and presenting it to the world. It’s about sales figures. Many of the A&R managers were once musicians themselves but eventually switched sides.

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If the record company and the artist agree that both parties wish to collaborate for a certain period of time in the future, a recording contract must subsequently be negotiated between the parties.

Once an artist is signed, the record company will waste no time in trying to promote and market their songs in the best possible way.

The label is responsible for making the products available in music stores as well as online platforms. Promotion and music marketing are tasks that can be essential to the success of a product. Major record labels sometimes spend a lot of money on these destinations and sometimes hire people who specialize in this area.

So A&R is a record company talent search. For a record company, the main types of contracts are a band contract agreement or an artist contract.

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