Who is the best country singer in 2020?

The question of “who is the best country singer in 2020?” has been on many people’s minds. Some people think that it is George Strait, while others say it is Carrie Underwood. But what about Blake Shelton or Garth Brooks? Who do you think deserves to be named the best country singer in 2020?

Some people may argue that it’s Luke Bryan, while others might say it’s Taylor Swift. The only way to know for sure is to rank them all and find out which one has the most points! Some things to consider when ranking are how long they’ve been singing, what genres, their social media following, number of awards won etc.

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Country music is one of the most popular genres in America. The country genre is known for its use of twangy guitars, catchy lyrics, and traditional instruments such as steel guitar and fiddle. There are many famous singers who are considered to be “country,” but there’s no way to determine which singer is the best without considering their fanbase, number of albums sold, chart performance on Billboard 100s list etc.

When it comes to being ranked, the Hottest Country Artist of 2020 is officially Luke Combes. Want to learn more? 

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