Who Is The Best Singer In The World 2022?

It is very important for a music fan to keep abreast of the latest music news and to know all the musical fashion trends. Therefore, a music lover can quite reasonably ask the question of who is the most famous artist in this, 2022?

But it is not easy to answer this question unambiguously. Well, at least not as bad as it might seem at first glance. The fact is that it is not entirely clear what is the criterion for assessing the popularity of a particular artist.

As a rule, ratings of the world’s leading charts and music streaming services are used to assess the popularity of an artist.

We will be guided by the rating of the world-famous Swedish music streaming service Spotify. It is he who is today the leader of the music industry worldwide with a market share well over 40%. That is, we owe every second music stream in the world to this particular streaming platform.

In 2022, The Weekend received 10 Billboard Music Awards and 5 iHeartRadio Music Awards. And it is this artist who has been the leader on Spotify during the first months of this year. He was also recognized as the best artist of the year, receiving an award from the US Billboard Music Awards.

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One of the best-selling artists of all time is dedicated to making good music and spreading the message of love. The singer is simply unique in many ways, as he uses not only a new approach to music, but also a new marketing strategy to promote his work, actively using technologies to promote his popularity in social networks.

The direct competitor of the artist can be considered Justin Bieber, who, as they say, breathes in the back of the head of the leader of the world rating. Over the past three months, Justin Bieber has been taking the lead in terms of the number of streams on Spotify. But so far, its leadership in the number of streams has not yet been established.

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