Who Is The Best Singer In The World?

It is very difficult to name the unambiguously best singer in history. It is difficult not only because there can be different methods of counting, but also because we are talking about different genres of music. How, for example, can you compare Freddie Mercury and Enrique Caruso? But we are talking about two mega-popular singers, one of whom sang rock, and the second – arias from operas.

Axl Rose, the historical leader and vocalist of Guns N’ Roses, was named the best singer of all time, according to a scientific study conducted by The reason may also be quite simple: the vocal power and vocal range of an American singer from Los Angeles are the decisive elements to win the palm of the best singer of all time.

Obviously, some precise things should be said: by the best in this case, we mean from a technical point of view, and not from an artistic point of view. The site has also compiled a list of the best singers of all time, and there are a few surprises in store. Obviously, there is Freddie Mercury with his unique vocal abilities.

The rating does not take into account all other elements that are more characteristic of a rock and metal frontman. In fact, such elements as the presence of the singer on stage, his charisma and the ability to attract the attention of the public were not taken into account. This did not take into account even specific songs and, therefore, even artistic heritage, such as albums, songs, covers, and so on. So from an artistic point of view, the site in question left everything aside. But let’s see why Axl Rose is the best singer in the world.

According to the calculations, Axl Rose has a crazy vocal range that can (really can) reach five octaves. In second place is the Devil from Minneapolis, one of the most eclectic rock stars, or Prince. On the third place? Maybe you guessed it yourself: he is Steven Tyler from Aerosmith.

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At this point, a natural question arises: where is Freddie Mercury and where is he? In eighth place. Well, yes, there are other technically better titles before him than his “only” four octaves of extensions. In this case, the stigma has absolutely nothing to do with it. But we’re in fourth place with the king of vocals, the great James Brown. Before Freddie Mercury, we have the White Duke David Bowie, then the Beatles’ historic bassist Paul McCartney, and surprise. In seventh place is indeed Thom Yorke from Radiohead.

The site has tallied the vocal registers of some of the most famous singers of all time, listing which song they reached their highest and lowest peak on. You can also sort the chart by the highest and lowest notes the stars have touched in their careers.

Definitely up for debate, the rating represents what artists have achieved in studio recordings, not their current ability, and is a general indication of how much in top form stars have been able to vary between different registers.

In this case, practically only one side of the issue is considered – the vocal one. If we talk about the number of auditions, the number of released albums and commercial revenue, about stage attractiveness and many more parameters, then, of course, the rating will be completely different.

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