Who is the biggest rock band of all time?

If by biggest you mean best (we can probably find rock bands with 10 or 20 members easily but we doubt that’s what you want to know about), then a few answers come to mind straight away. 

The Rolling Stones have been on the roll since the 1970s, at which point they were pretty much considered the greatest band of all times when Beatles ceased to exist. To this day, Rolling Stones are arguably the most formidable, long-running, and wealthy group so far. 

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The Beatles unquestionably have been the world’s most prominent influence since forever, at least before money-counting mechanisms were invented that were good enough to keep up with how much they made, so no-one actually knows how popular they were. Nevertheless, most sources named the Beatles the world’s biggest rock band of all time until they ceased to exist in the 1970s and The Rolling Stones came to power. 

You could also add the Irish legends U2 to the mix as the greatest rock band of all time in the unlikely case scenario that you’re not a fan of the previous two groups but rather prefer.

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