Who is the highest-paid singer in 2019?

Is there a better benchmark of success than money? Probably. But ultimately how good you are at something is illustrated by life (and the market). There’s a reason why some people get paid much more than others, and it usually has to do with them being winners. But who is the ultimate winner on the music scene? Let’s find out!

You’ll be surprised to find out (not) that the highest-paid singer so far is Taylor Swift with $185 000 000, closely followed by other singers who probably lost track of how much money they have anyway because they can’t spend it even if they tried as hard as they could: Kanye West and Ed Sheeran with 150 and 110 Mln respectively. 

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What do people do with this much money, you wonder? You could buy a small country with that much capital or build your own city in the middle of the jungle or buy an island in the Mediterranean. But the sad truth of it is we’ll probably never know. 

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