Who is the highest-paid singer in 2020?

According to charts, the highest-paid musician of 2020 is none other than Kanye West. This singer is a Gemini, and according to horoscopes, every day a male Gemini discovers something about themselves. In Kanye’s case, he not only discovered about himself but also delivered to the public so much valuable information that he became the most valued singer of 2020. How did he do it? 

From Chicago State University where he studied English to trying out his talent in the streets of New York, Kanye is all self-made, just in case you’re wondering if he’s famous thanks to connections or money someone invested in him. 

Leaving university for the sake of music, Kanye didn’t have enough money for a ticket or to rent a place of his own in the big city, but he went anyway, selling his stuff to get the money together. Saying that, he did have a little help from his mother thanks to whom he recorded his first single, «Green Eggs and Ham», at the tender age of 13. She also paid for the instruments and believed in her son from the get-go. 

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Notable things about Kany include crying a lot, Yeezy Boost sneakers, and offering to replace Trump as President. One of those techniques must have worked because now he heads Forbes’ list of highest-paid musicians with $170 000 000 financial gains followed by Elton John who’s officially no hope of catching up, like, ever, with $81 000 000. 

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