Who Is The Most Listened To Artist Of 2022?

Anyone who is interested in music and considers himself a music fan will be interested to know who became the most popular and listened to artist this year.

The list of the most streamed songs, artists and podcasts is available every year thanks to the Spotify platform, which has checked what audio content has been most frequently chosen by its more than 400 million users in recent months.

There is also information from other services, such as Apple Music and American Billboard. And this data will also become relevant because these platforms are very closely monitoring and analyzing the global music market.

Just like last year, in 2022 rapper Bad Bunny became the most watched artist in the world with over 9 billion streams. Taylor Swift and Korean boy group BTS were right behind him. Drake finished fourth and Justin Bieber rounded out the top five.

Olivia Rodrigo with the song “Driver’s License” topped the list of the most popular songs of 2022. The artist with her album “SOUR” also took first place in the category of the most listened to albums.

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This is aggregated data. It is impossible to say with certainty that the same artist will become the most listened to on the Swedish music streaming service Spotify, and he will also become the leader of the American Billboard chart.

The reason is simple. The American market is very capacious and saturated. Since almost every second person in the United States has gadgets from Apple, then, accordingly, Apple Music has become the most popular streaming platform in this country, which is most harmonious with the Apple gadget ecosystem.

And Spotify, on the contrary, is most popular in European countries and Latin America. Therefore, its statistics and ratings will reflect the current situation in these music markets.

There are also regional rankings that determine the most listened to artists in individual countries.

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