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Who is the No 1 artist on Spotify?

Just to become the best of the best, each singer goes through an incredibly difficult way, and even often it is much more than a normal person can bear. However, the result is always worth it, the most hardworking artists give us incredible hits that can evoke bright emotions. However, there are those persons who have made more effort than others to reach the very highest level. Today we are going to tell about the most popular artists on the Spotify platform whose songs are well-known for sure.

Who is the No 1 artist on Spotify?

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Harry Styles, an ex-member of the mega-popular youth boy band One Direction, takes the Number 5 on Spotify’s top chart. Back in 2010, a young and unknown star was predicted to have a very successful musical future. Harry now has around 65 million listeners on Spotify, where his biggest hits are As it Was, Watermelon Sugar, Sign of the Times, and other equally incredible songs by the artist.

The 4th position on Spotify charts belongs to the up-and-coming but already very experienced performer Dua Lipa. It’s impossible to emphasize any one song of Dua Lipa because each of them is a real masterpiece. By the way, in spite of her young age, Dua has already recorded a joint song with Elton John himself.

Canadian performer The Weeknd, whose enigmatic name speaks for itself, takes the third position on the chart. His incredible hits Save Your Tears, Blinding Lights, The Hills, and others have billions of listens on Spotify and other popular services. Just listen to The Weeknd’s songs, and your world will never be the same again.

Another talented Canadian singer is Justin Bieber. One of the most popular modern music artists has around 80 million followers on Spotify and billions of fans on other platforms. This unique singer occupies the second position on Spotify’s top list, and it is deservedly.

And finally, who is the No 1 artist on Spotify? This is thered-haired British singer Ed Sheeran who has stolen the hearts of millions of listeners from all over the world. His uniqueness is that his songs make you cry, dance, create, fall in love, open your soul, and enjoy an incredible charge of talent and kindness. Ed is often compared to the sun because he is so light that his songs could melt even the coldest heart.

Honestly, it’s impossible to single out a few of his songs because they are all incredibly great. But still, some hits have especially caught the hearts of Spotify users, just listen to Bad Habits, Perfect, Shape of You, Photograph, and others. By the way, the last one is very often used in wedding ceremonies. It is the analog of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March of the 21st century, so to speak.

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