How does Boomplay earn?

There are lots of people who are very passionate about high-quality music. They attend concerts, listen to music at home, or maybe even create it themselves. However, among all these people, it is possible to find those who like something unusual. It might be a particular rare genre or a band that not every person understands.

Who is the owner of Boomplay?

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The music streaming service, Boomplay, was created specifically for listeners who are bored of mainstream music hits. These people can use the platform to discover new African artists. Their style of the song is unlike anything else. It is something unique. Here’s an example of the styles you may encounter there:

  • kizomba,
  • fuji, 
  • makossa, 
  • highlife, 
  • juju, 
  • afrobeat and others.

However, who is the owner of Boomplay? And why is the service based on the creativity of African musicians?

The idea for the Boomplay streaming service originated back in 2015. That same year, TECNO Mobile company launched its project. As the company was owned by Africans, they decided to launch the streaming service in their native continent. Nigeria was the country where the very first Boomplay office was opened.

The creators of the platform wanted to help local talented performers to develop. Their aim was to make the world aware of Africa’s great musical styles and motifs. And the idea was very successful.

From its launch until the current moment, this streaming has been growing very rapidly. Already in 2017, the platform was recognized as the best African application. In the same year, the company signed its first contracts with music distributors.

Each year the funding for the streaming application has been increasing. At the same time, the company signed contracts with new partners. Thus, the music library grew up to millions of tracks.

At the moment, you have the possibility to enjoy not only African tunes. All popular artists from all over the world can put their songs  there. 

The multitude of positive changes in Boomplay service is the reason why people choose it. The platform currently has around 70 million subscribers. All these people are from different countries but they love the application with all their hearts.

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