Who Is The Owner Of Kidz Bop

The mega-popular American children’s group Kidz Bop first announced itself back in 2001. Since then, the project has become very popular not only in its country of birth, the United States of America, but in many other countries of the world.

Today the project is fully operational in the US, Mexico, UK, France and Germany. In addition to the release of new albums, which instantly become very popular and enter the TOP of the world charts, the project holds competitions to find young talents in these countries.

Of course, children grow up. Those first participants of the project, who came to it in 2001, have long become adults. But as a rule, most of them went on to work in one area or another in the music industry.

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The founders of the project were Cliff Chenfeld and Craig Balsam. The popular project is owned and constantly developed by Razor & Tie (Concord Music). This is one of the leading American concerns, whose field of activity is the entertainment industry, in particular, the music industry.

Around the project, which has become mega-popular, many related business projects have been created. In particular, there are companies that organize tours for the group, there are also clothing manufacturers with the Kidz Bop brand and a distribution network that sells it. As already mentioned, television competitions are regularly held to search for young musical talents in those countries where the project officially operates.

The expansion of the geography of Kidz Bop is part of the business strategy of the owner company, which provides for entering new promising music markets in the world. An example is the opening of a project in Mexico, which in itself represents one of the most capacious music markets in the world. The discovery of Mexico, in turn, caused a boom in the group’s popularity in Latin America, because the Mexican project included songs, albums and TV shows in Spanish, which is spoken by almost all of Latin America.

It should be added that Kidz Bop is popular in almost all countries in which English is native or one of the official languages. This is especially true for Australia and New Zealand, as well as huge Canada, which is expected to open a branch of this popular project in the near future.

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