Who is the poorest celebrity?

We all know that it doesn’t exactly suck to be a celebrity with millions in the bank like Taylor Swift. Popularity, integrity, and hard work really do pay off. But what about the poorest celebrities out there? And what does poor mean anyway? Would you consider a billionaire Hollywood actor who gives up all their earnings to charity and lives on one and a half dollars a day poor? Hmm, good question. Anyway, let’s find out. 

Warning! Make sure you keep the weak-nerved and people on medication away from the screen for fear of finding out what some people consider “poor”. Anyway, here come celebrities who, compared to Taylor Swift aren’t making that much money at all (although if you asked a child in an African village that has to walk 6 miles every day for clean water you’d probably get a different answer): 

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Lindsay Lohan with a pretty remarkable career in film and reasonable celebritieness managed to fail to pay taxes so badly after earning fortunes for movies that at some point the IRS seized her bank account and left her with a net worth of roughly $500 000, which isn’t a whole lot. But does having a lot of money and spending most of it count as poor? 

If you count poverty as going from large sums to little, 50 Cent is your man with only $15 000 000 left of $150 000 000 he had originally. Bankruptcy claims and everything, you might wonder how something like that could come to be. Bad financial management, possibly, is how you end up with a meager $15 Mil in your pocket. Oh, noes. Must be a dog’s life. 

Nicholas Cage ended up having to sell many of the assets he purchases at his peak to be able to pay taxes, leaving him with just over Jobseeker’s allowance to live on ($25 000 000) after he blew the money he got from films on purchases Daily Edge calls ridiculous: “Bahamian islands, real dinosaur skulls, two castles, a $150,000 octopus and the most haunted house in America”. Not sure about the octopus but is an island such a bad purchase? 

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