Who is the richest member of ACDC?

One of the world’s most recognizable brands, AC/DC is spelled with a slash (not Slash from Guns n’s Roses) and was inspired by a label on a sewing machine. Other fun facts: it certainly doesn’t suck to be in it because members during their illustrious careers accumulated millions in payments for tours and albums. What a life that must be! 

While none of them probably thought about competing in terms of who’s the richest (questions like “who’s cooler” probably start to fall away after the first $10 000 000), it’s still interesting to find out who the richest member of AC/DC is. After all, you’ll know who to throw flowers at in concerts (hint: be strategic, Brian Johnson is your best friend).

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With over $90 000 000 safely tucked away, Brian Johnson is the lead singer, who, you guessed it, was born in England (Dunston, Gateshead, in 1947). Is it us or do all old school global rock stars come from the UK? 

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