Who is the richest singer?

Well, it’s surprisingly interesting finding out who’s the poorest celebrity, learning about Nicholas Cage pouring his money (and an octopus) down the drain while buying “Bahamian islands, real dinosaur skulls, two castles, a $150,000 octopus and the most haunted house in America”, but who’s the richest singer alive? 

You can spot them a mile away, those faces you know and love that can only be made so beautiful by decades of eating foie gras and cream truffles and spending most of your day furiously swimming in your zero-edge pool at the top of your apartment in the center of New York. Insanely fit, beautiful, and very, very financially comfortable, those at the top set the bar for the rest of us: if they did it, so can we. 

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Anyway, although you might think the wealthiest singer in 2021 should be someone famous like Madonna or Tay-Tay, according to a list compiled by Wealthy Gorilla using materials from Forbes, Celebrity Net Worth, and The Richest, with a net worth of remarkable $850 000 000 the richest singer out there today is someone you’ve probably heard of for the first time: Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass’s Herb Alpert. Wowchies! Right behind him, of course, is Madonna, the second richest singer in the world with roughly the same amount. 

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