Who is The Weekend signed to?

Record labels are losing their biggest artists to streaming. As a result, many of the major record labels have either been acquired or merged with other companies in order to stay afloat. This change is not only affecting big-name artists like Taylor Swift and Adele but also independent musicians who can’t afford the exorbitant costs associated with signing with a label. 

It’s important for an artist to sign with a record label because it gives them access to both physical and digital distribution channels and other ways of making their presence known in the industry. So which labels are famous artists signed to, and does being signed to someone really matter in the days of grassroot movements and pirate streaming?

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The Weeknd started associating with Republic Records in 2012, but currently he is signed with XO label as well as other upcoming artists such as Belly, Nav, and Black Atlass.

With the rise of Spotify, Pandora, and other music streaming services in recent years, record labels have been struggling to keep up with the changing times. Artists such as The Weeknd have left these companies behind for online outlets that provide more exposure than a single album can offer them through a traditional label. This is just one example of how the old system has become obsolete with time and needs some changes if it wants to stay relevant. But even in the world of audio streaming competition is fierce. People are switching services all the time in search of cool new functionality. Are you one of them? 

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