Who is The Weeknd signed to?

Why does an artist need to be signed to a music production company? Artists who are new to the industry have difficulty in finding their footing. They find it difficult to market themselves and their songs. With the help of companies, they can achieve this. This is because there are several factors that affect whether or not someone will succeed on a national level-from production quality, promotion and marketing skills, networking ability and social media engagement. 

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However! As the digital age continues to grow, more and more artists are able to create music on their own. However, this has caused a shift in the industry from major labels to self-production companies. Artists have the ability to use modern technology like GarageBand or Audacity for free and produce their own songs without needing any sort of assistance from a record label. So an interesting question is – does The Weeknd work on his own or is he signed with a company?

The Weeknd, a Grammy award-winning singer from Toronto, Canada has recently launched his own record label. XO, the label (XO Records) was co-founded by the singer himself. 

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