Who owns Musi app?

Six years ago, American high school students who studied in the second grade of high school created a unique streaming music application. The developers of the amazing software are Aaron Voinowski and Christian Lanni.

Then the guys could not assume that the product they developed would become so popular. Today, Musi is one of the top 100 apps in online stores in the United States and Canada. In the United States, he is considered one of the five most popular and downloaded music streaming applications. The number of downloads of the application exceeded tens of millions on all continents of the planet. Residents of more than 150 countries of the world became users of Musi. And every day more than a million people use the services of this music streaming service. Accordingly, the popularity of the service, like its capitalization, is constantly increasing.

Those users who recently doubted the safety of downloading and using the service, it is universal and ideal for Android and IOS operating systems. This is one of the most popular and downloadable applications in virtual stores. It allows you to oversee the YouTube video content.

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The application belongs to its developers Aaron Voinowski and Christian Lanni. It was these young programmers who were able to create such a product that profited tens of millions of dollars from it. The capitalization of the application is getting higher every day. Accordingly, the incomes of its owners are also growing. Their product became a classic example of the fact that almost any talented programmer can become a millionaire, regardless of age and social status.

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Some of the company’s shares are likely to be sold to attract investment. It is the lack of funds for conducting an active advertising campaign and aggressive marketing that so far hinders the further active development of this streaming music service.

Not all music streaming services require that their active users pay for a premium subscription to download music tracks. And Musi is one of the most successful examples. You can download a streaming application and use it for absolutely free. Profit brings active advertising, which quite often sounds on the service. Unfortunately, it is impossible to turn it off, but this does not particularly spoil the positive impression of using this music streaming platform.

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