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Who owns Serato?

The Serato Company is perfectly familiar to all DJs: amateurs, and professionals, its long history began in 1998. Who owns Serato? How was it created? After all these years, this service remains the market leader; it is mentioned in the songs of famous performers.

Who owns Serato?

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Steve West, an ordinary student from the University of Auckland tried to learn the bass line and found a way to slow down songs. It was a truly revolutionary invention. His group mate AJ Bertenshaw found out a huge potential in that original algorithm. They started working together until they developed the prototype of the app – Pitch’n Time. At first, music corporations kept rejecting their unusual project until one day Sony Group decided to give it a shot. After that, the app quickly became a gold standard in the music industry.

The second serious step was Scratch Live. This software allowed DJs to mix and scratch tracks using a vinyl simulation setup. This was a life-changing tool. DJs finally were able to drop records and carry thousands of songs on their flash drives or CDs.

This software helps to create high-quality mixes for music fans all around the globe. Serato offer its services to millions of DJs, creators, and musicians across hundreds of countries since the app has first launched. From the ordinary unappreciated passion project, Serato grew to the famous service.

The latest software of Serato Studio is considered to be a user-friendly tool for beat-making aimed at a wide audience. In 2018, they launched two products,

Serato is still the most popular DJ tool in the world, with half a million monthly app downloads and yearly revenue of $20-30 million. Employees say that the success of this app is in its developing team. Some special persons represent the musicians’ point of view as well as computer masters, who take care of programming resources support.

As a result, this weird collaboration creates software that stays relevant for decades due to its unique functions and tools. Of course, during the last years, the market has gotten quite competitive. However, there is no other app that has the same level of recognition and impact on the music industry.

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