Who owns Shazam?

The popular music search app Shazam was launched back in 1999. The headquarters are situated in London.This service effectively helps in finding music. Its library exceeds 20 million compositions.

To search for music based on its fragment, it is enough to record a fragment of a musical composition with a microphone. This can be a radio, TV, or almost any other sound source. The main thing is that background noise does not interfere with music recognition. Then the program compares this fragment with the central database of the application. If the comparison is successful, then the user receives all the necessary information about this music track. Shazam is almost universal and supports iOS, Android, macOS, WatchOS devices.

The Apple Corp acquired Shazam on December 11, 2017. Experts believe that Apple Inc. paid over $ 400 million to acquire the app. Almost all the developers of the music search application have also joined the corporation from Cupertino.

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Initially, the acquisition of the american corporation was negatively perceived by the European Commission, which officially challenged the deal. Hearings in the case began in April 2018. But already in September of that year, a decision was made on the legality of the Shazam takeover. Becoming the full owner of the service, Apple Inc. invested significant funds in its development. Now there are absolutely no ads in Shazam, many options of this application have been updated, it has become perfectly integrated into the Apple ecosystem.

 By purchasing the music search service Apple Inc. Significantly increased the rating of many of its apps by making them easily Shazam compatible. In particular, Apple Music’s own music streaming service, which is distributed only with a paid subscription, has increased its subscribers.

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