Who Owns Tidal?

Co-founded by internationally renowned American rapper Jay-Z, music streaming service Tidal is available in over 60 countries and boasts a massive music archive of over 70 million tracks and almost 250,000 music videos.

What sets Tidal apart from the competition is its high quality offering that delivers CD-quality streaming. A stylish, extremely stable music app that even supports gapless playback compared to most of the competition is also positive. The biggest criticism of the service is the lack of a recommendation system that makes personalized suggestions to the user based on their listening habits.

The streaming service has a special Tidal HiFi tariff. While you’re streaming at the standard 320kbps on the premium plan, Tidal HiFi also offers you streaming in lossless quality. Here you get CD quality at speeds up to 1411 kbps. However, better playback quality is also reflected in the price. While the regular $10/month is owed for the premium plan, the high accuracy option costs almost twice as much. Tidal has a flexible expiration date and can be tested for free initially. On the other hand, there is no completely free, ad-funded plan. You can turn off the music streaming service monthly.

The service was founded on October 28, 2014. The Norwegian company Aspiro became the founder of the service and is currently a controlling stake in Block Corporation. 2015 was marked by the acquisition of the service and the entire founding company was acquired by the American rapper Jay-Z Project Panther Bidco Ltd. Just a few weeks later, the new owner launched an unprecedented advertising and marketing campaign with the slogan: “#TIDALforAll”. In addition to the American billionaire rapper, a dozen more singers and musicians became co-owners of the streaming service, or rather, its founding company.

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With its huge media library, Tidal currently has the largest selection of music streaming providers. Similar to Spotify’s contest, for example, not only music titles from all genres are included, but also podcasts, radio stations, and audiobooks. Artists who own shares in Tidal (eg Jay-Z, Beyonce) also offer special content on their own services, such as interviews, exclusive new songs, or even entire albums exclusive to Tidal.

Tidal’s high-quality offering may have a hefty price tag, but the comparatively young streaming service still scores highly. FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) streaming allows you to stream your music in HiFi quality with Tidal. The bitrate here is 1411 kbps and clearly distinguishes the provider from competitors.

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