Who pays the most per stream?

Мusic streaming services are notorious for paying minuscule royalties to music artists. Several popular artists in the world simply refused to cooperate with services and place compositions on them. But those who still cooperate with music streaming services will be interested to find out which of them pay the most money for the performer to post music content.

Analysts of the global music streaming market conducted a study and found out that the largest royalties can be obtained from the american streaming service Napster. For one streaming you can get $0.019. A significant downside to Napster will be that it is not considered a megapopular music streaming service. The platform officially works in only four dozen countries, and the number of subscribers to the service is small, if you compare it with the giants of the global streaming market, such as Spotifу. This means that the number of streaming will be minimal. Therefore, despite the high price, and the artist’s earnings will be minimal.

Tidal streaming platforms and Jay-Z pays artists $0.0125 per streaming. Apple Music’s average payouts will be $0.0073 per streaming. But Apple’s streaming platform is very popular, so the number of auditions will be just huge.

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Spotify’s most popular music streaming service today seems to be somewhere in the middle, paying about $0.00437 per stream. But performers must remember that this service has more than 300 million users around the world, of which almost half are paid subscribers.

The amount that streaming services pay for listening can differ significantly for different countries of the world. When paying royalties, various factors are taken into account: the cost of subscription and the cost of advertising, the quantity of paid subscriptions, the total quantity of listenings, the percentage that is paid to performers and authors of musical compositions and much more.

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