Who Picks The Song To Walk Down The Aisle?

It would seem: we walk every day, and there is nothing easier than walking a few meters. However, the procession along the aisle of the church can hardly be compared with everyday walking. After all, you need to go to the altar so that no one can take their eyes off you. So that the groom once again understands how lucky he is that you are exactly the girl he was looking for, so that every girl present at the wedding would want to become a bride like you in the future. And so that your bride also understands that you are exactly the man, married to whom she will feel like behind a stone wall.

Of course, you will be nervous: not every day you are in the spotlight and at the same time in complete silence. But remember, they are all praying for you and are actually very happy. So smile to all those who look at you. But more importantly, smile at yourself. Smile – and you will immediately feel that the nervous tension that fettered you evaporate. Smile – and you will feel a joy that will certainly drown out a little nervousness.

But no less influence on the atmosphere of the wedding ceremony is provided by the music that will play during it. For example, both the bride and groom go to the altar to the music. This is a rule of good taste and is usually observed at weddings.

But who chooses the music to go to the altar of the bride and groom? The answer may seem strange, but, most likely, the newlyweds will decide the music. There may be another option when the bride and groom go out to the music that is standard provided for in this institution during marriage, if they are held there regularly. Well, and one more option – the selection of music is handled by a manager or a company that takes care of all the arrangements for the wedding ceremony. It is more expensive, but it has many advantages.

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You trust your wedding to professionals, not amateurs. These people have vast experience in holding such celebrations, so they know everything in this area. And they can instantly respond correctly to any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the ceremony. And this is important, because you will be completely calm for the celebration, which will become for you one of the most important in your life.

Of course, the newlyweds should first coordinate with the manager of the company the wedding repertoire, including the exit to the altar of the bride and groom. Music should emphasize the beauty, femininity of the bride and her purity, and for the groom, it should personify masculinity and spirituality.

By the way, you can write your own song if you have the ability to do so. This can become a kind of wedding gift, which will be a pleasant and unexpected surprise for everyone. Not always a song performed as a wedding gift should be about love. It can be made a separate musical number of the holiday. The choice of song style depends on many factors, including the chosen wedding style. After all, it is no coincidence that the newlyweds selected a certain style for the most important day in their lives.

Well, the most win-win and, one might say, universal option for going to the altar will be the classic – the Wedding March of the composer Felix Mendelssohn, who has been playing at weddings around the world for almost two hundred years.

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