Who sings on Saint JHN Roses?

TikTok viral song, the most famous song of 2019, trending tune in Eastern and Western Europe. It’s all about the hit “Roses”. We are sure that you have listened to this song a thousand times!

who sings on Saint JHN Roses?

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However, do you know who sings on Saint JHN Roses? Who has written an original version of the song? Let’s figure it out together!

“Roses” is a best-known American tune which was written by Guyanese-American rapper Carlos St. John. It was released in 2015. However, this song might have never seen the world.

Firstly, the song was written originally to pitch to Beyoncé. However, she declined the tune, and St. John decided to sing it himself. It was one of the best decisions in the artist’s career which brought him unbelievable popularity.

However, success didn’t come to him at once. Song didn’t bring him as much popularity as he expected. Nevertheless, St. John never gave up. He continued to write and sing songs.

One day, fame came to him unexpectedly. His song was listened to by a teenage Kazakh producer Imanbek Zeikenov. He was impressed with this song and decided to make a remix which subsequently brought incredible success to the author of this hit –  Carlos St. John.

The tune became one of the greatest songs in the world. It has been the most Shazamed song in European countries. What is more, it has become widely popular on streaming services and it hasn’t left the top of the music world charts for a long time.

If you haven’t listened to this song earlier, just visit streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music and you will find it in one click. You may create a playlist with St. John’s songs or any other tunes.

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