Who Uses Sibelius?

The popular sheet music editor by Avid Sibelius is used by many composers, musicians and teachers around the world. Who are its direct users?

Sibelius today, perhaps, can be safely considered the most popular program for recording music. This is facilitated by its versatility, compatibility with all operating systems and the ability to use it on almost all modern gadgets. This program is in demand both by novice music lovers and professional composers.

For those who do not need all the functionality or use the music editor from time to time, Avid has released a free trial version of Sibelius First. The free Sibelius First can handle 4 instrument parts, offers cloud storage for 10 scores, and basic editing capabilities. The free version, of course, will not allow you to reveal all the possibilities of the application, but with its help you can learn how to work with this rather difficult application to use.

You can get more details and download Avid Sibelius First on the official website of the program. If at some point there are not enough opportunities, the user can switch to the paid version of the program.


Sibelius has undergone significant changes due to a massive rebranding of all Avid software. The First series products are intended for professionals who are just starting out. The middle stage is a broader solution that will provide professionals with a standard set of tools. The Ultimate series products are the most complete and functional software for individuals and creative teams.

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Sibelius software offers unique capabilities to help the user realize their full potential as a composer or arranger. Sibelius will make any compositions sound their best and will enable you to quickly compose high-quality scores.

In addition to being used in the professional field, Sibelius is ideal for teaching students of all ages in musical notation, music creation and theory. Sibelius includes over 1,700 ready-made teaching materials, including a variety of exercises and lessons, and a Class Room window to track student progress. In addition, Sibelius’s network licensing model makes it easy to provide access to students on any computer – even their own.

It is the wide range of applications that makes Sibelius one of the most sought-after music notation applications.

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