Who Was The Best Singer In 2021?

 At the end of 2021, the Swedish music streaming service Spotify published a ranking of the most listened to artists in the world. And Spotify has every right to determine the place of an artist in such a ranking, because it is this platform that can be proud of the fact that almost every third music stream in the world is carried out with its help.

The main feature of the song is the singer who sings it. Not all voices are counted, but only a few whose voices reach the heart directly. These are singers who are known all over the world. There are a lot of songs in Hollywood, some of them are pop, rock, hip-hop, slowbeat and some are heart touching. Singing is an excellent line for making money, earning money, fame and popularity. There are many talented singers who become famous and win the hearts of their fans, and when they take the stage, they light the fire. These are the wealthiest and most beloved personalities with whom it is impossible to part.

Justin Bieber is the most followed artist on Spotify in 2021. Justin Bieber is taking the internet by storm for the first time. As the most followed Spotify artist of all time, the Canadian singer has a total of 91 million monthly listeners.

Bieber’s sixth album, Justice, which was released in March, significantly increased the number of monthly listeners. The album has been in the world charts for a long time. It turned out to be different as well, as it is already Bieber’s eighth most popular album in the US. This made the 27-year-old the youngest solo artist to achieve so much at such a young age.

Breaking Spotify’s all-time monthly listener record is another step in Bieber’s career. Let’s hope he surprises us with even bigger projects.

But what exactly made Bieber even more popular in 2021? After the release of the single Justice, Bieber joined The Kid LAROI for the single STAY, which peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for four weeks. He also debuted his remix of Essence by Nigerian artists WizKid and Tems. Despite Bieber’s appearance on the re-release of WizKid Made in Lagos being poorly received on social media, the song peaked at number 82 on the Billboard US Hot 100 chart.

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This young and talented singer was born on March 1, 1994. The young singer is a great Canadian singer and at that age he has achieved a lot in the industry. Although for him it was a kind of competition, he proved that he was the best, like everyone else. He gave many rock performances and explosive concerts that captured the hearts of his fans. He started his career in 2008 and has been successful in the Hollywood singing market. Thanks to his talent and luck, he reached the top, and his songs hit the billboards all over the country.

Each user can independently determine which songs and which performers have become iconic for him in the past year. Spotify has a relatively new interesting feature. To see your resume, just go to the main page of the application. Wrapped 2021 is now available, so we’ll see a banner there urging us to take the opportunity to dive into the whirlwind of nostalgia. We don’t have to do it right away. This option is available until the end of January next year.

You can also enter your resume from a browser on your computer. Spotify provides the 2021 Wrapped page, where we can view a summary of the year.

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