Who Won The Metallica VS Napster Case?

In 1999, Napster became the first peer-to-peer network to allow the exchange of music files between users while eliminating the need for physical media.

Once launched in the late 90s as a file-sharing service, Napster caused a big boom and trouble because of the free sharing of audio source files, it was released on the Internet. In fact, it was he who pioneered the spread of streaming music, and many of the music streaming platforms that are today considered leaders in the global music industry have followed suit.

Napster was a system where all users could share and exchange their original sound files using file sharing software, but since the copyright of the sound source was naturally completely ignored by the Recording Industry Association of America. One artist to raise their voice as the flagship of this anti-Napster was Metallica, who filed numerous lawsuits to interfere with Napster’s work.

After that, Napster lost the lawsuit and was forced to file for bankruptcy, then changed its business format to a conventional music distribution service, and eventually moved into streaming, but after repeated sales, the “Napster” company name disappeared. However, when file sharing software exploded in the late 90s, MP3 also exploded at the same time, which is why it is said to be one of the major developments that made the current trend of digital music flourish.

Metallica VS Napster

Simultaneously with the acceptance of Napster’s criticism and anger from the industry and artists at work, a large Napster-centered community formed among students, who were Napster’s main users at the time.

Napster responded to the lawsuit by developing and continuing to improve technology to filter, identify and block access to files that artists and other rights holders do not wish to allow access to. In accordance with the requirements of the company, this technology must comply with all the points of the prohibition, which was established by the District Court of California.

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But an attack from record labels and a mega-popular rock band has brought the streaming service huge trouble. As a result of a lawsuit, the service was forced to announce the termination of its work. The last point in history was the official closure of the company’s servers in December 2002, which was carried out by decision of the California District Court.

Subsequently, the streaming service has gone through more than one transformation and today continues to operate under its own name. The Napster brand has become a legend and is associated with the beginning of the era of streaming music. After all, it was this music streaming platform that laid the foundation for the colossal popularity of music streaming as a phenomenon.

The musicians of the Metallica band realized pretty soon after the court decision in their favor that they had achieved a very conditional victory. A significant percentage of the fans of this American rock band declared a boycott and the number of viewers at its concerts around the world decreased significantly, as did the income of these musicians.

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