Who’s the highest-paid singer in 2020?

What could be better than being talented, loving singing, and getting recognized for your talent? Only one thing: getting paid for the work you love. The highest-paid musician of the year who knows all about success, it seems, is Kanye West, who isn’t just the highest-paid singer in 2020, but also the second-highest-paid celebrity of 2020. But how well did he do exactly? And who else is on the list of highest paid singers, just out of curiosity? BTW highest paid singers and highest paid musicians are different things, you know, FYI, obvs. 

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The proud first on the list is Kanye West with $170 000 000

He’s followed by Elton John with $72 000 000 (although he’s not complaining) 

Ariana Grande, who also happens to be the highest-placed woman musician, is in the third place (we know we mentioned her already, but we just can’t help thinking about her)

Jonas Brothers come in with 68.5 000 000 followed by Chainsmokers with 68 000 000. And they deserve it, too! We thought “Selfie” alone was worth at least $10 000 000!

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