Why am I being charged for Amazon Music when I have Prime?

The Amazon Music music streaming service has a paid and completely free version. The free version gives the user access to the full, 80 millionth catalog of music that is rich in the music library of the streaming service. But the free version has many limitations. In particular, users do not have the ability to download music, use streaming music without an Internet connection, they are also forced to constantly listen to annoying ads that suddenly interrupt music broadcasts.

By purchasing an Amazon Music Prime subscription, a music lover gets many more useful and convenient features along with it. In particular, it has the ability to deliver goods for free, subscriptions to audiobooks, and many others.

But for Prime subscribers, the Amazon Music streaming service is included in the subscription price, and we are talking about the premium version, not the free version. Therefore, he does not have to make any additional payments.

But sometimes there are situations when the user notices that his balance has decreased. The service for some reason withdrew money from the account, although, it seems, it should not have been.

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There may be several reasons for this. We list the main ones:

1. The user purchased music from a non-Prime store. It does not contain all the songs and musical compositions, so those songs that are missing can be purchased, but for a separate, albeit small, fee.

2. The user has multiple accounts on this music streaming service. The fee will be charged for each of the accounts. It is possible that the user simply forgot about the other accounts on this platform. But the service did not forget and withdrew the money.

3. There was a banal error that can happen on almost any platform. Therefore, it will be quite enough to simply restart the application or gadget. If this does not help, then you can try reinstalling the application itself. To do this, it must be deleted and then downloaded from the official website of the music streaming service. If this does not help, then you can contact the technical support service with a clearly formulated question.

So, we have listed the top reasons why a user may be charged extra for using Amazon Music if they are a Prime subscriber. It is likely that there may be more system errors, however, it is simply impossible to foresee all the options.

The main recommendation to the user in any of the cases of additional withdrawals is to carefully monitor payments and interact with the technical support service of this music streaming service.

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